Seeing the full picture

One evening in June, while jogging around my home town on my usual 12 km route and witnessing a postcard-perfect sunset, I caught myself thinking that the times that I tend to notice things around me in finest details are either while running or exploring the world through a lens.

Wedding in Austria

A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to take some photos in a small Austrian wedding in Steyr. Thomas and Christina got married in the midst of old castle walls, the greenery of the surrounding park and their family, children and closest friends.

A thought about travelling

One day a short while ago I caught myself thinking about travelling. What came out was something that vaguely resembles a poem (but would never really classify as one, of course). No idea why I wrote it, it just sort of happened.

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. Not that I didn’t want to. I just didn’t take time for it. The last year has passed by like a blink of an eye. I have kept myself busy building a new internet bank for DNB and a new home for myself.

Kuuba tahumatu ilu

Oktoobris ilmunud GO reisiajakirjas meenutan enda jaoks üllatavamaid seiku Kuubalt, mis panevad mind selles sombuses sügises taas päikesest unistama.

Morocco unveiled

A couple of weeks ago I returned from the journey to the Central and Southern part of Morocco. I discovered the Arabic kingdom of North Africa from the mountains to the desert, to the coast.

Morocco, full of the unexpected

Morocco was the first African country that I set my foot on. I had been looking forward to it for a while and now that it became a reality I was rather surprised to find out that it is actually more of an Arabic country than the Africa of one’s imagination.

Liiv, tuul ja tassike münditeed

Äsja poelettidele jõudnud Estraveller avaldas minu loo Marokost (lk 50-54), mille kesk- ja lõunaosale ma märtsis-aprillis paari nädalaga tiiru peale tegin. Lähipäevil panen üles ka Maroko reisilt kogunenud fotod.  

Palawan, a positive surprise

With the arrival of the darkest winter months, I felt the growing urge to have a short laid-back do-nothing holiday.

Fotolugu GO reisiajakirjas

Detsembri GO reisiajakiri avaldas ühe minu artikli Kagu-Aasia mägiküladest koos hulga fotodega, mis võttis kokku mu paari aasta taguse reisi Tai, Myanmari, Laose ja Vietnami põhjapoolsetele aladele.